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Inouby Sdn Bhd

               is a kitchenware manufacturer dedicated to produce products

               which protect your kitchen hygienically and are easy to clean.

               An easy clean up  makes life a little easier.


               Our mission is to produce kitchenware product to help you and

               uses as greener material to produce in order to save our world.

               The kitchen is the heart of every htome. It is where stories are

               shared and gratitude is exchanged.



As a company whose mission is hygienic top of the line

kitchenware, the products we offer utilitize the best in gtreen materials so that together we can make your kitchen clean up a little simpler.


Expounding upon the philosophy of “do the right thing”, our company is expanding our energy efficient design and manufacturing into a multitude of applications. Our mission is to enhance your kitchen experience while simultaneously improving your environment. By making your clean up simple we can improve your time spent in the kitchen.


As such, it is imperative that the kitchenware you use is top of the line in hygiene and health.

One which you can share with your family and friends. Why use Inouby Perfect Backsplash ?

Whether you want to keep you

freshly  polished kitchen counters

from getting splashed with hot oil or

you are cooking outside and want to keep grease from hitting your children and pets you can turn to Inouby Perfect Backsplash. When you are making dough for bread or cookies small pieces splatter everywhere. When you chop meat to fry small raw pieces do the same. But with Inouby Perfect Backsplash you can contain the splattering so that cleanup will be easier. Don’t worry about cleaning up the Inouby Perfect Backsplash! You can wipe away the mess in an instant with just water.

Benefits of Inouby Percect Backsplash.

With the Inouby Perfect Backsplash you can guard oil splattering on your kitchen walls. You can also use it while chopping meat or a simple table electric barbeque guard. Both side pieces can be dismantled for preferred placement in your home or outside. Splattering from cooking, chopping or baking can’t always be seen from our naked eye. Such small contamination can cause bacteria, fungus growth, or infestation from cockroach or rats in the kitchen. This brings dangerous health concerns to you and your family.


But by using Inouby Perfect

Backsplash you can reduce the

significant risk of such contamination

because Inouby Perfect Backsplash contains the splattering area and is easy to clean. Inouby Perfect Backsplash comes with an anti-bacterial element which keeps your kitchen clean and healthy. All stains and odors will be removed easily with just a wet tower or rinsed away with water. Using too much detergent and other solvents to clean your kitchen by hand will cause Onychoschizia, dry skin and the loss of softness.



This backsplash has been designed with you in mind.

With careful consideration and the most creative design, it functions not only as an environmentally friendly addition to your kitchen, but as a masterpiece

on display. Inouby Perfect Backsplash is designed to fit a multitude of kitchens. You can also find a color to match any décor as there are a variety of colors including Green Berry, Blue fish & Black Bean. Inouby Perfect Backsplash is a cooking aid that is coated with Innoshield Plus.

How Innoshield Works

This coating is a water-based ceramic coating designed with advanced technology in mind.

The coating has anti-algae and anti-bacteria properties and is easily cleaned.

The ceramic coating is certified by Singapore Green Label as environmentally friendly. The coating is free from

VOC, leads, mercury, solvents, or formaldehyde. It is safe for you and your children to use.



With our partner company, Innoshield Plus, we offer you a certified water-based ceramic coating that is eco-friendly. This is manufactured from sustainable resources and is equipped to protect:


• Copper

• Stainless steel

• Aluminum

• Glass

• Other metallic surfaces

The ceramic coating will protect your kitchen ware from stains, scratches, or solvents. It is durable enough to be used on industrial applications, yet lightweight enough that it is convenient to use in your home.

The secret is the non-engineered design. It creates a hydrophilic membrane which will attract water molecules and repel organic compounds such as grease and oil.


Our coating starts with a base material. On top of that is the Innoshield Plus coating which then forms a hydrophilic membrane. After this you can simply run water over the surface and it will get below the dirt and grime and lift it off your kitchenware without using harmful chemicals or soap.


Use Inouby Perfect Backsplash anywhere you are

cooking. Place it around your stovetop while hot oils are burning. Catch all of the spots and bubbles of

grease and oil splattering from spreading around your kitchen


You can use water without detergent to wipe clean Inouby Perfect Backsplash.The surface of the coating will adhere to the organic stain which acts as a membrane. All you need of a damp cloth to clear away the surface after use. The reliable and durable

coating has resistance properties that protect it from scratches, weathering, or extreme temperatures. It can withstand up to 600°C. In addition, there are anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which allow you to use it outdoor as well.


When you are done cleaning is simple with our ceramic coating: 

Before First Use:

•  Remove Inouby Perfect Backsplash

   from the packaging. Be careful not

   to  scratch the Backsplash if you use

   any sharp objects to open the


• Place the Inouby Perfect

  Backsplash in a standing

  position before putting it

  behind the cooking stove

• Install the rubber stand to prevent

  slipping before placing Inouby

  Perfect Backsplash behind your

  cooking stove and adjust to your

  desired position


• Inouby Perfect Backsplash can

  also be used in L-shape if you

  wish. You may dismantle one

  side panel by removing the

  Joint Hook. Do not misplace

  the Joint Hook. To reassemble

  Inouby Perfect Backsplash,

  simply fit firmly the panels

  with the Joint Hook by

  pushing it inwards.

Caution: Although Inouby Perfect Backsplash can withstand heat up to 600°C whilst the rubber can withstand heat up to 250°C, we would strongly advise you to NOT put the Backsplash too near to the fire!

After Cooking:

• Wash Inouby Perfect Backsplash

  with water or clean it with a damp


• If there are stains stuck

   between the panels, remove

   the Joint Hook(s) to separate

   the panels and wash the

   panels thoroughly.

• Make sure Inouby Perfect

  Backsplash is dried thoroughly

  before storage.

• Keep your Inouby Perfect

  Backsplash with care and do

  not place any heavy objects

  or objects with thin sharp

  edges on top of it.

• Avoid soaking Inouby Perfect

  Backsplash or its parts in

  water overnight.

Tips: To prevent damage to the Backsplash, do not use strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents when cleaning. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent. Do not scrub with steel brush or any hard material or cleaning powder to avoid damaging the surface of Inouby Perfect Backsplash.

Caution: Please keep Joint Hook(s) away from young children


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